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Out of the market dilemma

[2016-09-24 09:32:29]

In the e-commerce engulfed period,traditional operation store both face the same question:rent is high,impacted by the low price of e-commerce,store's turnover reduced day by day,even store's spending is unsustainable,many store were close down.Under the tough period ,why some traditional operation's store can open chain stores again and again and the turnover increase daily?Leibiya is one of it,Leibiya shows no sign of fading in the face of's branches more flourishing.The chain stores extend to inland areas from coastal areas,so much as middle east.It turnover increase steadily.Foreign wholesale business are extend to Euramerican market.


Many store owner will think about why they can excel in areas, how keep the turnover increase steadily?Maybe thepattern?Operating strategy?Store address?Product?These are all problems must be in the process of development,it affect your store turnover directly.However,these are detail questions in development,maybe you try to change it,but didn't work.

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We always said that" Follow a successful person will succeed."I remember a story"Lijiacheng had a driver,he picked up Lijiacheng everyday for 8 years.One day,he came to Lijiacheng's office and told to Li,"I wanted to quit the job and accompany to his family."Lijiacheng hesitated for a while and said"How can you raise your family?"The driver said,"When you talked to the phone,whick stock and where the house can be worth the investment,i would invest privately.I think my worth can offer my family." Lijiacheng appreciated it after listening.This is the pace of success.Follow the successful person you can improve yourself.

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Therefore,create your own situations is very important.Many owners didn't know what product should i sale,what can i offer for customer,they just know my shoes is beauty so i can earn money.Was it ture? Lost the concept and soul of stores or company, can't survive in the fierce battle,it just the passer-by in the market.Consumers are more concerned the service and experience.Who can provide a more comprehensive service experience,who can has a bigger market share.

In the age of joint development,the way of develops alone is replaced.

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 Leibiya founded in 2011, go through the test of 5 years.Leibiya from wholesale trade to brand market,Leibiya use the 5 years to finished the  the journey taken 9 years in the same industry.Chain stores across the country in each big cities,moreover to middle east,the wholesale trade develop to western countries.This is Leibiya. With amazing development potential and speed across the market.

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The height of the brand.The influence of the brand.The image of the brand. Largely determines whether you can stand in the market,whether you can blaze a trail.Looking the lady purchasing order with a smile,maybe you have the answer in the mind.

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