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Interpretation-"Leibiya",the road of growth:stay true to the mission

[2016-09-26 15:27:37]


Spring was gone and summer came,fashion's development tendency after moves come back to the origin like the clock, but to convey different from usual for high quality and longing and yearning for noble life.Our country with the clothing market developing, divisions naturally emerged.Especially in recent years,traditional pattern of the market has been changed.Someone said,the whole industry is a war without smoke of gunpowder,the competition between the brands,torsion of the market,can affect future and destiny of a brand.Therefore,only you have enough strength,can you withstand the cruel test of the market.

Leibiya was borned in 2011,it called "krk" in last 10 years,was famoused on shoes markets at home and abroad.Our brand develop up to now,Leibiya keep "stay true to the mission "as manage way,interpretation of fashion and comfortable lifestyle. In the industry peers and customers' eyes,Leibiya have a nose for market and forward-looking strategic vision of the market,at the same time have outstanding hardware facilities, design to produce high-quality products, accumulated important advantage for the development of the brand.As our brand's founder said,"We don't want to show the superficial,we really want to present is our product,strive for every customer are satisfied with our product and increase pleasant for customer's leisure life.Leibiya must transform in order to offer the better service and experience for customer."

Leibiya always believed that,create a brand need to faith,responsibility,accountability,moreover,is the insisting.Some brand of European countries,can still standing for a century,because they show the originality and innovation fully in product's detail,play extreme in service,this spirit also show in our brand.Leibiya improved team 's managerial skills for many years,focus on every process,keep improving.In recent years, Leibiya co-establish the brand lab with South China University of Technology,Guangdong Baiyun University  and other kinds of colleges,quantities of production produced by these students every years.The product development all through by 36 ergonomic test in brand lab.Including crushing resistance,abrasive resistance,analysis resistance,integrating degree with human body,the environmental effect,environmental-friendly ,the test of skin allergy,at the same time we also think about the fasion design,we strive to every product can perfect.The detecting data will be save as treasure-trove of data,form into "Lei-Data"which are our design's treasure.

Channel building is the most important carrier of brand image's convey,also is the important for attract consumers eyelight and promote brand,play a pivotal role in brand development.Leibiya combine with the agent model,company-owned model and join in mode to expand marketing channel.our product spread all over the country.In the whole brand operation,Leibiya established  a set of research and development , design , production , sales , effective quick reaction mechanism of each link,our brand has been approved by agents constantly.In addition,the internet shopping boom offer a quickly close to the consumer's channel,we gained many fans from all kinds of electric business platform,such as Taobao Tmall and Vipshop.

The main product of Leibiya is casual shoes and cross shoe,all product use the materials which obtained a patent imported rights,can along with the change of human'temperature and fit for the curve of the foot, strong anti-pressure performance.Trademark has been registered in hundred countries around the world,has more than 200 of the international patent appearance rights,patented products increasing.Leibiya acquired famous trademark of Guangzhou in this year,it is the pay back for our attached importance to brand communication , stricted to quality management , implemented brand strategy. 

In the road of brand construction.Leibiya believed that only you stay true to the mission,can you have a good result.Leibiya will  always keep a beginner's mind.