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Leibiya 2016 Presentation,welcome the Chinese New Year colourfully

[2016-09-26 15:25:50]

With the Leibiya 2016 new product presentation ended successfully in Leibiya headquarters,the spring is coming!The spring breeze can away from Beijing where full of haze and enjoy the garden city--Guangzhou.Pretty boys and girls weared the spring&summer new product,made the customer feel the fancy design.Walk out China's usual pattern,our presentation advocated individuality,the dazzling stage and beautifully shoe design are necessary. This is a collision of creative and fusion,moreover is a cross-border cooperation with "show and drama ".Let's have a look this presentation.

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Gorgeous color and complementary color is tie-in,combined with the popular element,brought energy for different ages of consumers.The imported TPU material guarantees security and environmental protection and the shoe have enough flexible and elastic.Leibiya's Matt-golssy design are important symbol which difference between the general beach shoes.2.5 millimeter 's thickness, can make the legs have a beautiful line.


A riot of colour as if talking about princess in every girl's dream.A  pair of comfortable shoes,have a nonnegligible reduction of age ability,acts younger easily.With adjustable buckles design,more convenient and comfortable to wear,send out green breath.


Color complementation or bump color,always classical.Slippers as a easy and convenient functional item,Leibiya's fashion craze expand to every season.The wedge heel,elongate the legs and have waterproof function.Imported TPU material,environment protecting,poisonless and tasteless,away from athlete's foot.I have to admire the high level's appearance of the show model.They matched simply Leibiya's production, with Chinese foot type for design inspiration,reasonable use of different materials,reflected in different areas perfectly.No wonder the consumers were having fun at presentation.